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Living in an ignorant bubble

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I sometimes wonder where this world is headed.

It depresses me to think about how we are poisoning our water ways, depleting our forests and ruining our air.

I can’t watch the news anymore. I won’t allow negativity into my life because I feel like there is so much to worry about.

I have friends who chastise my ignorance. They get on my case for not really knowing what’s going on in the world.

But I find it all a little overwhelming.

And, the things I want to focus on are making people feel better. I want my community to feel better.

I want to be the person who makes the next person feel good about themselves.

I do this through fitness and nutrition. I do this by giving our community a place to come and sweat it all out. I provide an environment where people can come work on themselves. Make themselves better.

Because if we, as a community, can feel better within ourselves, we can do better things,

If you feel good about yourself, if you have more energy, if you practice good health then you will ultimately end up doing more GOOD things. Like a domino effect.

AND, the better you feel, the better those around you feel.

Your energy will rub off on them. They will follow your healthy ways. The kids will idolize your healthy life instead of an unhealthy one.

So I tend to focus on helping one person feel great and I ignore all the things that depress me.

10,000 Strong is a judgement free zone. We all understand that you come here to feel good. To work hard and leave it all on the floor.

We don’t entertain negativity or gossip. We don’t do “gym clicks”. We don’t subscribe to exclusion…..

Everyone here is on the same playing field and everyone is on the same team.

We are a revolution. We are the new breed of healthy and fit moms, dads, grads and grandparents.

We are creating our own path forward and saying “so long” to the dated bog box gym-rat environment.

If you feel this message and you need a get of jail card from your gym membership why not try us out for 2 weeks. Just come and see what I mean.

From your first class you will see how this environment is unlike any workout studio you have ever been in 🙂

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