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It's dildo-day today.

That's right! I get to talk with one of my favourite clients (in my copywriting business) about his product line of sex toys and how we can openly, honestly and with no judgement whatsoever, get these bedroom buddies out into the hands of curious and self-assured men, women and couples.

I mean I think vibrators and dildos are still a hushed conversation between friends or lovers. I think many people still feel judged and embarrassed by the sheer mention of self-pleasure.

It's not dinner-table talk and while EVERYONE DOES IT…no-one can openly discuss it without getting flushed in the face.

Well, not until Michael and I set them all straight and remind the world that being upfront, honest and non-judgmental about something that practically everyone indulges in is not a bad thing.

And this honesty, this "take me as I am" attitude would go a hell of a long way in other areas of our life.

I think if we could just face the world every day and say "here I am, love me or leave me", we would all feel a lot better.

But it's hard isn't it? It's not easy being so self assured. Just like you might shy away from discussing the merits of plug in vibrators over battery operated ones with your Aunt, it's also really quite intimidating to stand up in front of your peers and proclaim that you don't give a shit what they think of you. 

In those leggings. Or that jacket. Or those earrings.

In fact, I think we live in fear of being judged and so we try to blend in. We avoid standing out because we are scared of negative feedback.

But listen up:

It's 2017. Long gone are the days of full length skirts and corsets. We are in full on liberation-mode.

Thick thighs, round asses and curvy bodies now rule the roost so trust me when I say it's your time to shine.

Love what you have by making it healthy. Love what you have by making it strong. Love what you have by doing the things you need to keep you strong confident and sexy for decades to come

Yes workout. Yes eat clean and YEA! Buy a dildo if you like.

At 10,000 Strong we are forming a tribe of extremely confident and extremely healthy men and women. We hold our heads high knowing that we have cast off the shackles of "being skinny" and a "bikini bombshell" and we have embraced our own bodies by making them clean and strong.

Yep. We have cellulite on our asses. Yep we have stretch marks on our stomachs and yep we have armpit fat that simply won't behave in pictures but guess what…

…you'll love us for it.

If you're ready to hang with a tribe of confident people who can help rid you of any negative self-talk and shyness then you'll need to grab 2 week test drive for the studio.

Just 14 days with these strong, proud and motivating individuals will change your perspective forever:

I'm proud of them you know. And I'll be proud of you too.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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