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Long Weekend $7 Sale

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Today only, ALL meal plans in the 10,000 Strong online store are on sale for $7.

From 7 day fat burners, to 6 week fat loss programs…everything is subject to today flash sale.

See the thing is this…Summer wreaks havoc on your diet…

In fact, on this Canadian long weekend, you might well be overindulging as you read this….

…a little Palm Bay here, a little Gin Smash there…

It all adds up and then, when September hits and it’s “nose to the grindstone time” well…now you have an extra 10 pounds of deal with ON TOP of what you had before.

So here is an idea:

Grab a meal plan, follow what it says, indulge in a few cottage bevvies and enjoy life…

…because even though the treats are still in the diet, at least the other 80% is following a nutritionist developed meal plan that will help you burn off fat through the week and then you can have a clear conscience when it comes to a little sip n dip by the fire.

It doesn’t have to go completely sideways this Summer…just grab a $7 meal plan or detox and give your body a massive injection of nutrition as well as a metabolic boost.

And…at $7….this is the cheapest you will ever see these programs.

You are welcome.

This Sale is 24 hours ONLY and I will send out 2 more reminders so you don’t forget. Go here to pick up some copies:

Talk soon

Misty RHN
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