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Lose Your Bagel Baby Bump In 19 Days.

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Coach Andrew here and well, I have a dose of reality for you.

I want you to know I get it. You’re busy. Your work is hectic and all consuming. Your kids have activities all over the city and sometimes across multiple cities. You have to keep up with the housework and the homework.
You have to carve out some time for your family and of course for you. Also…at some point you need to eat. You need to fuel your body properly to get the results you want.
One thing that we tend to ignore is our meals and meal planning when we get too busy. I’ll just grab something at the rink or hit up a drive through on the way home from work or in between activities. You'll grab something convenient over something healthy and this is where the slow, but steady, weight gain tends to occur. One bagel at a time,
And look, you are poisoning yourself slowly all because you aren’t carving out any time for your health and wellbeing.
I know you think meal planning can be complicated. Well I want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Not when you have expert help.
Since you're busy and you're time is valuable Misty RHN, owner of 10000 Strong Boot Camp and all around nutrition nutter,  has put together a 19 day juicing cleanse and meal plan that can take the stress and complications out of meal planning and can kick start your fat loss as early as tomorrow.

It will help you lose inches and flatten your stomach. It will help get you back on track from the inside out. The best part is, you can do it all from home.
“Juice This, Eat That” is a comprehensive e-book that has delicious recipes, step by step how to instructions,  juicing tips, grocery lists and a 19 day meal plan already done for you!!
This read-and-do 19 day program was put together by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who believes in eating real foods you will love in the combinations that are best for your body.

Not only did Kristina lose 11 pounds in 19 days, but Sandra lost 10. These are real life members who did everything they were told and reaped amazing results.
I also know first hand how well this stuff works. I have used this plan to help me on my fat loss journey to lose 80 lbs last year. I have changed my life and want to help you change your life too.
I want to pay it forward by offering this amazing opportunity to get on board with good clean nutrition and fresh delicious juices.

You will want to act quickly as the price will go up. I can’t hold this price forever. Since your special, you get first dibs.
But you have to act now. I know you’re busy so this won’t take long, I promise. Plus you will get the book emailed to you within 24 hours of purchasing!
Click this link to find out more and to purchase “Juice This, Eat That”
Now…who doesn’t have time for that?  
Andrew (A Juice A Day) Corcoran  
Personal Trainer @ 10000 Strong Boot Camp (formerly Whitby Fit Body Boot Camp)

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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