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Lost 120 pounds, gained 30 back, lost 10 again.

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Anyone can lose weight >>>> said the girl who lost 120 pounds gained 30, lost 10.

Anyone can lose weight.

But, can anyone lose weight and keep it off for the long haul? Can anyone lose weight, reach a goal they are happy with, gain a few pounds during a rough patch and then lose it again without stumbling?

Can *anyone* be ok with knowing that weight loss is not an easy road, that the numbers on the scale won’t simply slide smoothly downwards week after week as you get closer to your “happy weight”.

Can *anyone* have the strength and courage to get back on the horse after your divorce/illness/death of a loved one/depression/ job-loss kicked you off and left you devouring chips and cakes for relief?


Anyone can’t.

But YOU can once you understand that losing a significant amount of weight is not a one shot deal.

It’s not a slam dunk.

It’s something you will work on for years. It’s something you will RE-WORK on time and time again.

Your tenacity and strength of character will make life time weight loss something you can conquer… But only if you embrace it and know that:

With every peak there is a valley.

With every gain there is a loss.

With every success there is a failure.

And so all you need to do: is just keep going.

This is WHY our studio is “lifestyle focused”. This is what our studio is “community based”. Our memberships are 12-24 months long because THAT’S HOW LONG IT TAKES .

I want you to have a program that get’s you to where you want to be..I want to help you through ALL of your weight loss….the UPS and the downs. I don’t want to be there for just part of it.

I want to see the ugly parts of your journey and pull you through and I want to celebrate the milestones too.

We can start your journey right now with a 2 week test drive at our studio…afterall, ya gotta start some time right?

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