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Lots of Girls Loving Girls This Sunday.

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“Ending 2015 pretty happy, fit into my winter jacket I haven’t been able to fit into since 2007.

Happy new year everyone, see you next year….”

“Pretty proud moment. Bought a pair of pants at Costco 1 size smaller than I’d usually take and they FIT with no struggling to get them on… Back at it tomorrow after work to continue dropping sizes….”

“new outfit , smaller size pants 😜 scale schmale”

“Amazing classes tonight Kristie! My body loves and hates you! 😉 Love the different exercises!”

“Sharon G: Kelly you look friggin awesome.

Susan K: Wowzers!! You’re fit my friend!

Leanne : Awesome Kelly!

Katherine F: Look at that back!! Awesome Kelly!

Aimee W: Whoohoooo! Awesomeness!

Kelly S: Thank you girls! You made my day smile emoticon

Kristie J: Holy muscles!

Sue M: wow!”
These are just some snippets of the conversations that go on in our private Facebook group…all positive and all 100% supportive.
I won’t have it any other way.
See, we are team of women and men who are here to seriously get healthy….and we are in it for the long run.
We need support and inspiration daily because working out and eating well is a daily challenge…
What we don’t need is to feel judged, mocked, belittled or useless < all of which I have felt in other institutions, gyms and studios over the years. I won’t stand for it 🙂 What you can do in the group is absorb the motivational quotes and action items, soak up the positive atmosphere and ask questions whenever you like. What you cannot do is advertise your business, whine or be disrespectul or negative in anyway. There are plenty of other Facebook groups out there for that. So, please, if you are looking for a local wellness group that is 100% dedicated to the art of holistic wellness that can motivate the pants off you…please join us: Looking forward to catching up soon. Misty

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