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Lovin’ dat 9pm Potato Chip Diet?

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“I’m almost 2 weeks in, and down 6 pounds, and feeling freakin’ fantastic. Misty, you are da bomb.”

“Made it to the last day, and I am down 6.5 pounds in 21 days!”

“Loved the meals, love the energy, and found some new staples for my dinner rotation. I’m going to continue for a bit to drop more pounds off my frame. Such a brilliant program, Misty!! Thank you for sharing!”

“I think the biggest benefit of these programs is to reduce the desire for sweet. A few weeks ago I realized I was falling back on the sweet track. It happens slowly. But it eventually catches up with even us fit pros. I tell people all the time. “I’m just like you.” If I eat crappy food I immediately begin to put on weight again. And eating my favorites like ice cream only makes me want more ice cream. These last few weeks have been a good reset for me. And forcing the fast through breakfast is quickly returning me to fat burning mode.”

These are just a handful of raving reviews from our last 3-week program. Yup, people seem pretty pleased.

I think they were excited because FINALLY, something was working. The plan was easy, it was down to earth and it was sustainable for the entire 21 days.

I remember being so overwhelmed by dieting as not ever knowing which plan was going to work the best..turns out what I really needed was someone to show me the MOST nutritious way forward


a plan that could help me beat my carb cravings.

Because really, you all know what to eat right? It’s not rocket science: eating chips while sat on the couch won’t help you lose weight.

And so my programs are not JUST about weight loss. 


They are about beating cravings, shifting mindsets and making your body NOT WANT TO EAT JUNK FOOD.

^^ and when your body stops asking for fatty, sugary foods. That’s when you get to lose weight and keep it off forever.

So, if you are ready to level up and shift your fat loss into high gear then why not start our new nutrition program fresh on Monday.

You have the support of about 60 other people who will all be doing the same program as you and of course, you’ll combine the fat-blasting foods with our unlimited workout program at the studio (we have over 40 classes a week for you to choose from and they are a butt-blasting 30 minutes each).

So come on, Monday is THE BEST day to start something lifechanging.

Read more details on what the program includes here:

Can’t wait to see you on Monday!

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Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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