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Magic Eraser for cellulite…?

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I am a bit of an Insta-whore. I do love a good meme and boy, some of the people I follow on The Insta certainly know how to make me chuckle…

…and one such meme that brought a smile to my face was about being “Flawsome”.

To be Flawsome is to understand that you have flaws,and embrace them because you know you are awesome anyways.

Let’s be honest, there are no workouts or meal plan that can get rid of those stretch marks….so fugk it. Embrace them.

There is no workout or meal plans that will give me a thigh gap….so fugk it. I flaunt my big thighs.

There is no workout or meal plan that will erase every pucker of cellulite…so fugk it. Just wear that bathing suit anyway

99.9% of us will never be model perfect. And to be honest, that’s a full time job anyway, so unless you fancy quitting everything to chase perfection it’s just not in the cards.

So instead of trying to erase every perceived flaw, how about you just accept them and move on. How about instead of fighting your apple shaped figure, your pear shaped bottom or your C-section scar, you accept it and work on simply becoming healthy and strong?

Guys…it’s way too hard and way to mentally exhausting to join a fitness boot camp JUST so you can “right the wrongs”.

Join it because you value your body and want it to be healthier, to be stronger, to be more kick ass than it has ever been.

Now this week only I am promoting about 2017 12 week Blitz Membership. I’ve actually never done anything like this before but I do know that many of you need an actual weight loss and muscle toning plan for 2017.

I think 12 weeks would be an excellent place to start your Flawsome journey AND i’ve loaded this shortened membership with tonnes of savings.

You know that inside our memberships you’ll get access to unlimited boot camps a week (with 45 classes each week to choose from).

You know that you’ll have personalized nutrition programs made just for you.

You know that you’ll be welcomed into the most cohesive fitness community in the GTA with open arms.

But did you know that on top of that I have reduced the rate to something you’ll like better AND thrown in access to our January fat loss challenge called The Hour Glass Fast which will save you another $200…

Well now you do.

The thing is, in order to grab this three month membership you MUST be on this pre-registration list as I am ONLY sending out the details to these people.

On Christmas Day ONLY I will send the pre-notification list the links they need to grab this offer.

You must be on this list if you are even remotely interested in seeing what’s in store:

Yes, I am making this hard, but anything worth doing was never easy.

Talk tomorrow

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