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Man or Woman, You Want These Boobs.

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Claire Underwood is a magnificent creature isn’t she?

Her jawline, her hair. But what I like most about Claire are her clothes. She is an impeccable dresser. It helps that she had a stunning body under all those designer threads too..

You know who else looks awesome, Jennifer Anniston and J-lo. Not too mention Gloria from Modern Family.

These women have managed to keep their 20 year old bodies intact while they knock off age milestones a decade at a time. And it makes me slightly obsessed with it all…

Is it genetics? Is is no carbs? Is it a life time of deprivation or maybe endless hours at the gym? Do they feel more pressure to look perfect for the judgemental eyes of the media…and people like me?

I hope not. They are beautiful no matter what.

What is ugly is obsessing over something you cannot have.

You can’t obsess over something you will never own. You will never have J-lo’s booty, it’s hers. You will never have Jen’s perky boobs, they are hers and as much as I would chop of my own arm to have Gloria’s curves, I won’t have those either.

I’ll have something better..And so will you. IF you choose to believe it.

You will have *your* body. With your story. Your body comes complete with your memories and your happiness. Your body comes complete with your successes and the failures that got you there. If you are a mom, your body comes complete with the stretch marks and skin that created a baby and if you are a guy, your body comes complete with some extra love stored on your stomach.

Your body is your story.

If you don’t like where your story is at right now…change the words.

You don’t want to change all the great things you have already done, but maybe you want to write some new, more exciting chapters.

Chapters where you feel good in your clothes. Chapters where people compliment your body and strength. Chapters where action shots of you unawares don’t make your cringe at your un-sucked-in stomach rolls.

A chapter where you suddenly find your super powers and break free from the drudgery of mom jeans and sweatpants into a world of yoga pants and little black dresses. A chapter we were can all wear power suits, just like Frank and Claire Underwood.

You can write those chapters, and I can help you with the details.

Just come try a couple of classes at this studio and start becoming the person you want to be. A strong, energetic, healthy, lean woman or man who feels ready to step into the lime light as the main character of their own auto biography.

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C’mon super star. We have work to do.

Talk soon

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