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Mental Warfare You Wage On Yourself

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Weight loss is the biggest game of mental warfare we will ever play.

Feeing fat is catastrophically heart breaking, monumentally frustrating and is the #1 cause of self hatred. When the scale tell us we are not the weight we think we should be, we will go on a 24 hour tirade of negative self talk and self deprivation.

We will be angry that the scale hasn’t budged, or that the number we want to see is still just out of reach. And, as was telling Jen this morning…I have been 175 pounds and I have been 305 pounds, and at no point did I ever feel happy.

175 is the lowest I have ever been. At 6ft, and muscular that’s a good looking weight. People looked at me and told me my stomach was super flat and my arms super toned. People told me I looked great, and, in retrospect…I looked fucking amazing.

Fast forward 5 years..I have stopped running marathons, I have stopped training people 12 hours a day, I have been through a divorce and well…I gained some weight.

And guess what….if I wasn’t happy at 175, I’m sure as shit not gonna be happy with a higher #

So where does it end? If i’m not happy when I am killing myself to be thin and I’m not happy when I’ve cut back the workouts and gained a few pounds…then when will I ever be happy?

We will never be happy if we focus on the scale. Never.

So, the only way to stop tearing our hair out, is to focus on a different goal. On a goal that makes sense. A goal that is attainable.

Like getting stronger, like clothes fitting better, like feeling good and healthy. If we could put as much energy into be getting strong and confident as we did into trying to shave off those pounds on the scale….I bet we could finally obtain world peace.

Women of the world. I hate to break it to you, but if you 25 and older, you might as well toss the scale. If you have had babies, toss the scale. If you are anywhere close to menopause…toss the scale.

Instead, focus on the bigger picture of health and happiness. Of strength and muscle. Of feeling 20 when you are 40.

Part of the reason I developed my own brand to 10,000 Strong is because we are now surpassing just the aesthetic and moving forward into a much deeper level of wellness. Of happiness.

We are no longer just some bikini body, little black dress, look at me i’m sandra dee boot camp. We are a holistic wellness company that focuses on making you feel as good as you look.

So, if you are looking for a place with a little more heart, with a little more understanding and a massive amounts of nutritional help, then come join is for a 2 week test drive.

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Misty “bailed on the scale” Mozejko

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