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Misty Kar-trash-ian Breaks The Internet

In: fitness

One of my fave things to do is cause a riot.

I love chaos. I love mass energy. I love creating projects that break the internet.

A few years ago a create the viral phenomena called “The Plank Challenge”. Besides flooding Facebook with images of planks on top of BBQ’s, the boss’s desk and each other, this challenge went around the world, through 1000’s of fitness studios and gyms. There were TV planks, planks on planes and multi-person plank stacks.

It went completely viral and is still going strong today.

Then there was a time I called out a bad driver. He flipped off a cyclist on Thickson while driving into oncoming traffic yelling at the cyclist. I snapped a pic of his car and plate and wrote a quick post on Facebook. With over 2000 shares, some as far as Bermuda and the UK, I can say I was quite sure I blew up Facebook that week.

And then there was the 2014 Detox program. While I managed to keep the internet intact, I did manage to break the local grocery stores. Because of the incredible juicing program, I was getting reports from boot campers as well from members of the community, that all the local grocery stores were fresh out of produce.

As the day wore on, the tone of the emails changed into actual frustration of having to ship in veg from other regions.


But fugk it. What an amazing thing to happen. To have a vegetable revolution going on within our own community. To have a group of people so driven to be healthy they sell out the shelves in the stores.

I hear this year, there will be black market beets available for those people who are too late getting stocked up.

Just $15 a beet.


Im not joking when I say revolution. Our detox programs are a force of nature, and this one will be no different.

With a projected 150 people, you can’t help but get caught up in the mission. The mission of feeling like an absolute rock star.

Your mission is to be the healthiest person you can be. To workout, to eat well and to drink fresh juice for 19 days.

Can you do it?

Of course you can. Starts this weekend so don’t dilly dally.

And, at just $97, i’ve never seen a revolutionary health program be this cheap 🙂

Just click on over to the website, read a little more and sign up :

I can’t wait to sell out Durham Region once more with you.

Talk soon

Misty “black market beets..shhhhh” Mozejko

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