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Misty: The Gorden Ramsey of Nutrition

In: fitness

No..I don’t swear NEARLY as much as him (probably).

But, we all know and love Mr Ramsey.

He swoops in to a failing restaurant business, see’s where it’s going wrong, creates effective fixes and swears like a trucker

I suppose when you look at it like that, then yeh…i’m a lot like Gord, except with less swearing. Mostly. Unless I stub my toe, then watch out.

The point is, I can see where people are going wrong with their bodies and diets.

I have the tools to see whats really going inside you as well as the skill set and empathy to see where we need to shift the mindset. I don’t take any excuses and I expect people to do as they are told.

I lay it out straight for you so you can see exactly where you are screwing up.

Once you can see it, then we can move forward and fix it.

I am very very blunt. I am very very sarcastic.

But I am very very effective….a lot like Ramsey.

People don’t need any more sugar coating (so to speak). We don’t have time for fluffy answers and a list of options.

We want structure. We want to know exactly what to do for the fastest results.

We do NOT want to waste time.

Now, true to my word, we are rolling out a brand new no-nonsense nutrition program called Master Your Macro's and every single member will have access to it.

Basically it's a personalized weight loss or maintenance program designed for your best health and best results. Your weight loss coach tracks your progress and then, every 2-3 months, we ramp up your results with a 3 week intensive program that will shock the system.

Monthly you will be asked to install another layer of nutrition onto your growing foundation until ultimately you become the person you want to be.

Look, this new program has stacks of accountability and is a total upgrade (although I am not increasing membership costs). If this sounds like the answer you have been looking for then join us for 2 weeks so we can get you started. Just go here and grab your test drive:

It's gonna be amazing and I want you in it.

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

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