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Misty the Grinch Sale… Starts Now.

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Let me be the very first person to wish you a Merry Christmas.

We finally made it, and before long, stockings will be opened, wrapping paper will be strewn around the house and the smell of turkey and stuffing shall fill the air.

But before the madness starts, I have a special gift for anyone who want’s to save some money on an esteemed Whitby Boot Camp 6 month membership.

It’s a 24 hour sale ONLY, and open to new faces,

No exceptions, no extensions.

If you have been seriously contemplating joining boot camp, then I want to offer you some savings today, the most giving day of the year.

Actually, when I think about it, I am offering you savings on top of an already massively discounted program…
shhhh, don’t tell my accountant.

Anyway, look. A 6 month membership here is usually $997. This saves you around $400 over paying month by month…but today…i’m taking an extra $100 off that price.

So, a nice juicy $500 savings on a 6 month membership is a dam good Christmas present right? It means that each workout would be just $9.34 a session AND your Registered Holistic Nutritionist meetings would be thrown in for FREE.

So, as I said, this offer is today only,

I am only selling 5 of them, and i’m only sending 3 emails today to remind you about it,

If you happen to still be up wrapping presents and you still have $1000 open on your card, you might wanna jump on this now.

The paypal link is below…once you have paid, sit tight till Boxing Day and we will get everything squared away for you. Your 6 months begins on Jan 2nd 2016…


If you do purchase this membership, you get our infamous 19 Day Detox FREE….and this saves you another $100.

Well, gee, now it’s a no brainer:

Here is the paypal link:

Sleep tight!

Misty “grinch with a heart thats three times bigger” Mozejko

P.S. Here’s a valuable surprise bonus “goodie” for you

A lot of my readers have been asking me if there is Facebook Group that we all hang out in and well, guess what?

There totally is. My members, my trainers and anyone interested in finding out more about our fitness revolution can join.

You can post questions, download content (we’ll be adding stuff periodically), answer questions, network, get motivated, rub shoulders (virtually) and make workout deals, or just lurk.

Same rules as any forum type apply.

Don’t go spamming or making offers or whatever.

(Anyone who does is immediately banned).

Anyway, here’s where to join:

(You’ll need a Facebook account.)

See ya on the other side…

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