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Sarah is a busy mom who has gained about 30 pounds in the past few years. Her clothes no longer fit and she usually wears stretchy pants and sweaters. She did buy one pair of dress pants that she wears pretty much every day to work but even those are getting tired.

Sarah’s days and weeks are busy. Between the kids events, school and sports and her husbands demanding schedule, she often feels alone. She’s a modern day single mom and the pressures of trying to handle everything have shown up on the scale.

Sarah has long given up exercise due to what she thinks is a lack of time, but to be honest, when she gets home at night, working out is the last thing her tired and stressed out body wants or needs.

In fact, she usually uncorks a bottle of red wine and unwinds on the couch.

Sarah thinks she eats quite well and usually sticks to fruits and low fat options through out the day…however, as the stresses pile upon her, by evening she has lost her resolve and dinner is usually something that is quick and carby followed by an evening of snacks and sugar.

Sarah battles with herself every single day. She feels like she is unhealthy, old, tired and sluggish. She is envious of her slim and fit friends and wishes she could be like them. She wishes her life didn’t need her constant attention and that she was afforded some time to do the things she needed.

She wishes she had more money to invest in her health but truly she doesn't know where to start. In fact the thought of losing weight seems so daunting and she has no idea which plan would be best.

Sarah is also also upset with her husband for not helping her make fitness a priority in their family. If they could just do something all together on the weekends, she knows everyone would feel better, but her husband is far to content to sit on the couch with his tablet. He says he works hard and needs to unwind, but Sarah thinks he would do much better if he actually did some exercise.

Sarah struggles with consistency and often she has to hit rock bottom before actually making a change. She has tried the restrictive, one track plan diets and while she lost 10 pounds quickly, she could never stick to them. It all became too much for her, trying to adhere to a strict eating plan, trying to workout, trying to juggle her job and family. And then, when her head finally bobbed below the water and she started sinking under the tremendous burden on her shoulders, she gave in and ordered pizza, wings and beer and enjoyed a family movie with the kids.

“It’s too much. “

“It’’s too hard.”

“It’s too expensive”, Sarah thought as she snuggled into her wine induced sleep.

I’ll try again tomorrow, and this time I mean it. This time, I’ll stick to it. This time i’ll finally get skinny.


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