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Most Embarrassing Fitness Fail…

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There is NO denying it.

When you move, and bend and squat as much as we do…well…ya know…things can happen.

When you juice beets and eat broccoli, digestion can be rampant.

Sometimes we all have a slight mishap.

We call Pilates, “Polluties” for a reason ya know.

Anyway…my most embarrassing fitness flop does NOT include GAS…although I would be lying if I said it never happened…


My most embarrassing fitness disaster occurred in front of many, many people.

In 2013 I was part of the Ride 4 United Way and I had just finished 120km on my brand new road bike.

I had mastered the tiny little seat, the skinny little tires as well as the clip in pedals…or so I thought.

For 120kms I had been all over Durham Region’s hills and valleys.

I had navigated pot holes, stop signs and oncoming traffic…all with my feet clipped into the bike.

I was ONE with my steed.

After many hours of cycling, I finally finished my longest ever road race.

I was proud, I was tired, I was exhausted.

I just had another half a kilometer to go. The crowds were cheering, the announcer was congratulating the finishers, the energy was electric as every single cyclist crossed that finish line.

I was in my glory, pedaling to the finish line, ready to enjoy the post race glow….

With the finish line in sight…I could see that I had one final stop sign to navigate.

No problem, I had done so many now.

As I slowed down for the stop sign, I saw a bus approaching. With an eye on the bus and an eye on the stop sign, I tried to unclip my feet.

Nothing was budging.

The bus continued to roll forward expecting me to stop at my stop sign.

I frantically tried to unlock my feet.

I pulled, I pushed, I rammed and I shoved.

My feet were completely stuck and as my bike slowed to a stop, I knew the inevitable was about to happen…

Any newbie with clip on’s has done this. Tried to dismount their bike while their shoes are still locked in. It’s not pretty and it always ends up in a face plant. I was a newbie again…feet stuck and a dismount required.

In fact…if I didn’t dismount, I would hit a bus…so I was quickly running out of options.

SO, with the crowds cheering, the announcer yelling, the bus rolling by and my bike at a dead stop with my useless legs…I slowly, but surely, plummeted to the ground.

You could hear the crowd quiet.

You could hear the announcer gasp.

As my body slammed into the ground, I knew that I had toppled over in the most ungraceful fashion ever.

Squirming on the floor, still trying to unclip myself, I lay like a slug unable to move.

Thankfully, a couple of volunteers came over to help me out.

As soon as I emerged from under my bike, the crowd began to cheer again…and with a scraped shin and a very bruised ego I jumped on my bike to cross that finish line.

When I mess up..I like to make sure there are hundreds of people there to watch 😉

I like to think that everyone has forgotten about this incident…but alas, it was mentioned in the yearly newsletter…

…Something about the race being “nearly” accident free.

Anyway….fitness fails happen.

Just gotta get back on the horse….or bike as it were.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

Please tell me you have an embarrassing story you would be willing to share. Hit reply and tell me all the gory details.

C’mom…don’t leave me hanging.

Misty “it’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you get up” Mozejko

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