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Motivation in 3 seconds.

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So many people are unmotivated to workout.

So many people are getting a little lazy in summer.

They fell off the wagon and now its proving super hard to jump back on.

But read on to find out how to gain back your motivation instantly.

When I was really fat, I used to watch ALL the weight loss programs on TV.

I read ALL the magazine articles about women who lost tonnes of weight.

I became obsessed with other peoples success.

I truly believed that one more stunning weight loss story was going to suddenly give me all the motivation I needed to get going with my own journey.

Well, guess what.

Watching other people get skinny did not help me one bit <<<< Not shocked I know. So, what actually DID give me the motivation? Well you are going to hate me when I say this. But nothing was more motivating that actually stepping outside my comfort zone and going to my first boot camp. I thought I would hate it. I was all ready to quite and be like “seeeeeee…I knew this was stupid”. But once I over came some fears, I actually felt really proud of myself. And guess what’s the most motivating thing ever?? PRIDE. Feeling proud of your accomplishments gives you INSTANT motivation to keep going. So, you will never come motivated watching other people. You have to just get r dun. Jump in with 2 feet. Feel the pride and satisfaction yourself. That will be a dose of instant motivation that will keep you going for years. Talk soon Misty “motivation mama” Mozejko PS: Instant motivation starts Sept 14th with our Clean Slate Detox. Come and sign up now before it sells out:

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