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Motivational Kick in the Ass inside.

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So look, we can talk and email about motivation all we want.

I could send you links, I could send you books….but I have something much more hands on for you.

If you have ever lost weight before in your life, you know how good it feels to see the numbers go down on the scale…

…to see the body shrink and the inches get smaller.

You remember how good that feels…for many of our members they see that weekly in boot camp.

And it’s a really delicious feeling.

You feel in control.

You feel better than yesterday.

You feel good about your future physique.

You feel 10 times more motivated to keep going <<< and that there is the biggest motivational kick in the ass ever. “SEEING RESULTS MOTIVATES YOU TO GET MORE RESULTS”. Look it doesn’t have to be pounds on the scale….we are in the 80’s any more. It could be strength markers, cardio improvement. Results include your clothes fitting better and more confidence to wear those tighter pants. Your results are going to make you want to see more results. And so, if we can put in place something that drives results faster than any other program in town, then surely we can motivate you faster and quicker…. INTRODUCING: The three week nutrition intensive workout challenge Master Your Macros. A 21 day program designed for max accountability, max results and, of course, max motivation. Personally, I have never devised such an intensive plan before. It’s not for the faint of heart. But, if you are looking to work with a nutritionist and a personal trainer for a 3 week focused program….then this is your chance. It’s $197 and your can register here: >

Throw your email address in the pot and we will send registration links about immediately.

Looking forward to seeing you at boot camp!

Misty “strong of heart” Mozejko

PS: Motivation is a funny thing…it actually comes from within you and so when YOU start doing the things you need to, the motivation keeps building and building.

YOU to take that first step tho >>>

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