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My 10 year old sons workout regime.

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Weekend warrior workout:

100 push ups
60 full sit ups
3 minute plank.

If you did this every day for a month, you would notice a difference. You would see your strength increase and your core get tight.

The great thing is, this workout will take 10-15 minutes and you can do it anywhere.

It’s easy to do, targets all of your core muscles and is so simplistic, even a kid could do it.

Which is funny, because this is the exact routine my 10 year old son made up for himself and does every day.

He even got me doing it with him.

And, as he is as stubborn as I am, he does it every day without fail now. I actually beg him to wait so we can do it together…

…but he just does it when the mood strikes and never waits for his whiney mother to get her act together.

Now, as a trainer, this workout is a great core focussed add-on to any other activity you do in life. Whether you already do boot camp, you run, play tennis or bike…adding in this 15 minute workout will surely increase your strength in any discipline.

If you are currently doing nothing, then this 15 minute plan will be your starting off point.

You can easily do this in your living room or bedroom. You can totally do this for a month and then see where it takes you.

I know that my son made this up, but as a 10 year veteran in fitness, I can tell you, this will work.

So there you go…your kid-trainer just handed you a weekend project.

Have fun!

And hey, if you need more than just 15 minutes, come try out our 30 minute fitness classes for 2 weeks….you’ll be sore, but you won’t be sorry:

Talk soon

Misty RHN
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