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My Disease: The Diagnosis.

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I rarely talk about these things.

I don’t find the need to spread doom and gloom.

I hate being melodramatic but maybe I never told you about my diagnosis.

It’s been a few years now since I was diagnosed.

It’s not new by any stretch but i’ll tell you how I cope with it on a daily basis.

A few years ago I came out in a weird rash all over my legs and back. It looked like burst blood vessels.

I was exhausted and burned out.

My voice had gone all scratchy and so I thought I should get myself checked out.

After a series of tests and a trip to the specialist, I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disorder and they started treating me with some horrible drugs.

They ended up treating me for Lupus although I showed minimal symptoms.

In part I have a blood clotting disorder….I don’t make them very well.

So no boob jobs and tummy tucks for me then….

In addition I have issues with the connective tissue in my body, it tends to tear and loosen.

And a few other things which are more of a nuisance rather than any thing else.

I stayed on the medication for a while, but I was so allergic to them and they were so bad for my kidneys I decided to pack them in.

With my Registered Holistic Nutrition designation I decided to treat myself naturally.

I really believe in the power of food and exercise and so, I followed my own plan.

So far so good. I haven’t had a flare up in years.

I don’t have any major symptoms and I manage some annoying issues with natural remedies.

Exercise keeps my lymph system happy and my immune system boosted.

Do I know it’s there…Yep…it affects my dead lifts every time I workout and my nose runs constantly due to the sores the disease create.

But whatever…i’ll still workout

Do I worry it could get worse….yeh

But whatever….i’ll still do my best to be healthy and happy.

Do I think I should stop or slow down….


Nothing will get in the way of living the good life.

Nothing should stop you from hiding from nutrition and exercise.

Nothing should be used as an excuse to not move your body every day and eat only the best foods.

I would never want anyone to hide from exercise.

I would hate for anyone to tell me that I should give up on my nutrition (my specialist actually told me there was NO connection between food and autoimmune disease….we haven’t got along since then;)

I would be upset to think that people are not doing their best for their bodies because they think they can’t.

Self limiting beliefs hold people back in so many ways.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t until you have tried.

You will be surprised just how much grit you have in you.

Don’t wait.

Start now.

Get better faster.

Misty “who needs blood clots anyway?” Mozejko

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