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My donut-eating weight watchers plan.

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So, when I started out on my weight loss journey, I did actually do Weight Watchers.

I had done it when I was 18 and lost weight so I figured I would sign up again.

I was 305 pounds so I needed some rules to follow and the 44 points I was allowed per day gave me some structure.

It made me NOT eat everything in sight.

And so, I lost weight.

I lost 52.4 pounds with them [not that I was counting].

Each week I went to the Weight Watchers meeting in Oshawa and got weighed in. I stayed to listen to the group leader try to promote various products, scales, measuring cups and treats and then…

….like a bat out of hell,

I booked it to the nearest Tim’s and ordered:

A cream cheese and vegetable sandwich on a toasted bun, 3 chocolate glazed Tim Bits and a double double.


I think somewhere a long the line I lost the concept of “healthy weight loss”.

But with my flex points and daily allowance, I could totally make bad choices and still lose weight.

Till a point.

Till the time that I stopped losing weight.

You see, WW worked for me because it gave me some very basic rules.

It said: MISTY, stop eating everything.

But it didn’t actually teach me anything. It didn’t teach me how to lose weight and stay lean in THE REAL WORLD.

It told me that as long as I followed their (multi-billion dollar) weight loss plan, I would be OK.

But leave us….and you are screwed.

So, in my quest to stick my middle finger up at the money-burping weight loss industry, I have been quietly developing an army of holistic weight loss plans.

A selection of REAL WORLD fat burning solutions that have been all laid out for you so you can just follow along, learn and replicate whenever you feel like it.

I have the next instalment for you today AND I even have a launch weekend discount 🙂

You see, Summer can be a bit of a landslide and the last thing I want you to do come Fall is to panic and start throwing money away in to programs like Weight Watchers and Bernstein.

If you just follow this awesome 42 meal plan, your entire Summer of food planning is done. It’s fully focused on helping you lose your tummy, stop your thighs from rubbing holes in your pants and helping your arms looked lean and strong instead of droopy and weak.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, here it is:

If you are a woman, click here:

If you are man, click here:

Ok, i’m off to eat something yummy – I have been experimenting with my fave food [EGGS!] recently…mmmm

Talk soon
Misty RHN
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