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My Veins Were Bulging Out Of My Leg.

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So this weekend was quite eventful for little old me. Typically I work a few hours each day, do some cleaning and watch movies. Ya know…pretty chilled out stuff.

And it was all going to plan…I was just doing my Saturday morning vacuuming when all of a sudden my leg started to burn and itch. I gave it a little scratch which sent pain shooting down my leg. I dropped the vacuum to the floor and rushed to the kitchen to see what on earth was on my leg.

When I pulled up my pant leg, my veins were bulging out of my shin. Like big, thick, engorged veins. I could feel the pressure behind them so I went to lay on the couch while I stuck my leg straight up in the air. (I’m not sure why I did that, but it seemed sensible??)

After 5 minutes of trying to take the pressure of my leg, I decided I better get to the walk in clinic so someone could tell me what I actually should be doing instead of laying on the couch with my legs akimbo, praying I didn’t have an aneurysm..

So, I hobbled my way down to the clinic with my bulging veins and now very painful leg and I waited for a Doctor. Now, as some of you know, I do have a blood clotting disorder as part of my Autoimmune disease so anything with veins makes me a little jumpy…

Anyway, I finally clambered on to the examining room bed and the Doc did his thing. His diagnosis, after much bending, pulling, prodding and poking was a superficial blood clot or Superficial Thrombophlebitis as they say in the trade. Nothing too serious…painful yes, but in theory, no pulmonary embolisms on the cards.


Anyway, I took some anti-inflammatories and rested my leg this weekend and waited for my ultrasound. Negative results for Deep Vein Thrombosis. Yay.

So, a little more rest, a few more anti-inflammatories to bring down the swelling and a bruise that travels from knee to ankle. How pretty.

Look, i’m not sharing this little tale with you so we can all have a pity party together. Not by a long shot. I’m sharing this to remind you that you and ONLY you are responsible for your long term health.

I’m a fairly healthy person, I eat well and I workout and so little incidences like this are wrapped up quickly and easily. But, if you avoid working out, have a run down immune system or don’t eat the way you know you should…well, it gets a lot harder to recover.

And, as we all get older and older, it’s our responsibility that we put in place the work outs and nutrition that we need in order to live healthy, LONG lives. The truth is you shouldn’t get cold after cold. You shouldn’t be tired all the time. Your body shouldn’t ache and you definitely shouldn’t be suffering from anxiety on a day to day basis.

See, working out, taking the right supplements for you needs and implementing a diet right for your house hold is what we specialize in. It’s what we do, and…it should be what you do too. We are all running out of time to put right some of our dietary wrongs and we simply don’t have the time or money to spend getting sick and being miserable.

If you have any questions about our nutrition and fitness program, please just hit reply and we will get back to you asap. If you want you can go check out the new website which will show you a little more about where our head it is:

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