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Nekkid photo-shoot? Sure.

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OH MY GOD>>>> i’ve done it again.

I’ve booked a naked photo shoot.

There is nothing more motivating than mounds of your flesh captured for posterity and printed on high quality glossy paper

The truth is, I have actually done a boudoir shoot before with an absolutely amazing photographer West of the city and this time i’m taking a step further with the shoot and doing a “dark session”….which is basically less clothes and more shadows…

….artistic-like…ya know?

Anyway, obviously when you are going to be showing off so much flesh, we want to ensure that said flesh looks lovely, there is not TOO much of it (curves are wonderful though) and that the photographer doesn’t have to spend a week in Photoshop, individually correcting a thousand thigh dimples..

..and so yes, a more intense focus on my workouts and nutrition is needed. I will prepping for the next few months to ensure that I look like a freaking amazonian goddess in that shoot and…it will all start with our January Hour Glass Fast program that I am personally inviting YOU to join with me.

Because there is NO other diet plan that is as effective as intermittent fasting, I know that this will be the biggest kick in the ass I need to get well on my way to being picture perfect for the shoot.

Yes, intermittent fasting can sound scary but the Hour Glass Fast has everything laid out for you so all we need to do is eat what we are told, when we are told too.

Obviously I’ll be working out at boot camp (you will have complete access to all 45 sessions per week too) because on shoot day i’ll want to flaunt some sexy shoulder and an ass that could chip a nail.

And so, while I know jumping into something like might feel like free falling off a mountain top…if you are really serious about getting lasting and sustainable weight loss…

…then you should probably just join me on Jan 16th.

More information is here and you can also sign up. More that 40 people are already on board so don’t miss out!

Lets have a 10,000 Strong start to the year…shall we?

Talk tomorrow

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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