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Ok listen…

I get that I am an awesome nutritionist.

I know that when you come for your one on one session I provide a shit ton of info.

I see your chart scores getting better and better every month.

BUT..what if you don’t come to your one on one sessions?

What if you don’t need them?

What if you just prefer a group environment?

There are about 30% of the membership which take advantage of my one on one sessions….and to be honest…thats crap.

So, I am now going to be adding in different types of nutritional courses, webinars, seminar and meal plans that everyone can utilize.

Hey…if you still want your one and ones…great.

BUT…now I have even more options for you.

More ways to find out about nutrition.

Of course, as members this is free and there will be a nominal charge for non-members.

But I think this new addition is going to up the ante, increase value for you 10 fold and open your eyes to new and exciting health and wellness solutions.


Combine this with the new Accountability Post’s in our private group…I KNOW you are going to see the change.

I am always ready for improvement, and I think this is going to rock.

SO: July 28th at 6:45pm we will hold our first in house seminar.

In this seminar I will show you the signs of fatigued Adrenal glands, how they slow down weight loss and how we can fix them.

Adrenals are in charge of metabolism and believe me, if yours have crapped out….there is no weight loss happening until we fix them.

If you are coming, please opt in here so I know my numbers, space is limited.

You will learn the following in this seminar:

– Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
– Why weight loss is next to impossible
– How we can fix the adrenals and kick start our metabolism
– A step by step guide what you will do daily to repair.
Carb cycling, water intake, sleep and food fixes to help you reboot your adrenals and ultimately shed those un wanted pounds.

Pretty cool huh?

Misty “Adrenal Fixer Upper” Mozejko

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