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New Years….Cleave?

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I know the feeling of picking through your wardrobe, trying to find something that’ll fit and look half way decent for a New Years bash.

Trying to slap something together that a) won’t cut of circulation and b) actually looks somewhat flattering.

It’s not pleasant to feel frumpy and fat when everyone else throws on a little black dress that shows off their skinny waist and perky cleavage.

I know that feeling all too well and while there are obviously some self-confidence issues we should tackle…I know that boot camp will make your Valentines outfit search 10 times easier and 100% more satisfying…

Because in the end, it’s not about losing 50 pounds…it’s about feeling good.

It’s not about hitting pre-baby weight, it’s about showing off your curves proudly.

It’s not about the judgemental look in that Weight Watchers ladys eye, as she scornfully announces “0.2 of a pound this week dear”….no no NO, it’s about that feeling, as you walk into a party, and your dress feels amazing (if not a little loose), you know your stomach is flat and people are checking it out and for once, you ditched the wrap because these days your arms make you proud.

That’s what my boot camp is about.

and I already know, a bunch of you reading this will be thinking that IS NOT what you want at all….You are still obsessing over the number.

Still watching that wretched scale in the hopes it will magically drop 10 pounds.

You want to see those numbers DOWN DAMMIT….

But here’s the catch..those numbers won’t go anywhere until you start focussing on the bigger plan.

If you put as much energy into my 19 Day Detox as you do into worrying about the scale, you are going to be amazed by the results.

See, the Detox Plan we run is here every January is designed to give you something out of the ordinary. To make you focus on something else for 19 days.

The goal of the juicing detox is to repair the body…NOT weight loss. The goal of the meal plan in the detox is to clean up the metabolism and sugar cravings….NOT weight loss. And the goal of the unlimited 30 minute workout with your trainer is to create strength….NOT weight loss.

BUT, once you start focussing on the bigger picture, what do you think is going to happen?

You can read a little more about the detox program here:

You won’t regret signing up and it’s a great way to jump start your healthiest 2016.

Misty “The non-weight loss, weight loss plan” Mozejko

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