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News: Floozie Patrol

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I want you to take a stand. I want you to go on Facebook and unfollow any trainer, coach or fitness "personality" who has nothing REAL to say.

You know the ones. The ones who ONLY post motivational quotes about fitness and kale shakes.

The ones who LOVE the burn, the gym, the "sweat-life".

Unfollow all the needy trainers who make you feel bad about yourself while they try to build themselves up.

Unfollow anyone who demoralizes you or demeans you. 

Unfollow fluffy fitness "guru's" who add absolutely no worth to your day.

Unfollow anyone who really and truly doesn't resonate with you.

You see, the problem with the fitness world is that it is littered with fake.

Full of fraud.

Maxed out on people who look like goddesses on the outside but are desperately unhappy on the inside.

Just this week, 2 people I know started their own fitness companies.

I have no idea if they are qualified to do so.

I have no idea if their nutrition knowledge spans beyond the end of their blender.

So be careful who you follow. Question their wise words. Be mindful of the next big star.

Stick with those who you trust and let everyone else roll effortlessly off your back.

If you need a tribe of people who are dedicated to real life fitness and fraud-free nutrition then you should come check out the boot camp for a 2 week trial.

Our community is only for those who are sick of fads, fakes and floozies and NEED a new set of fitness friends to lift them up.

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Can't wait to meet you

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