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Loose skin. Stretch marks. Varicose veins. Damaged self-esteem. Flat feet. Cellulite.

^^^ Come on…who wouldn’t wanna date me??

But the reality is, is that when you lose 120 pounds it leaves a mark. 

Lots of marks.

Yep, there is skin that is so stretched out that it will NEVER go back to normal.

There is skin that became so puckered at 305 pounds that the dimples will last a life time.

Your feet once buckled under the weight of your obese body and thus, when you stand these days, you have arthritis from flat feet.

Varicose veins that were once hidden inside layers of fat have been exposed and as if that wasn’t enough….your self-esteem may never fully repair itself. The air will always catch in the back of your throat when you think about being naked or exposing your body…

So fuck it then…why should we lose weight if Misty paints such a dismal picture?

Why bother…if i’m not going to “look” any better, why should I even bother trying…

Well…dumbass…it’s stops you from dying <<< important.

But, there are things that you will learn from losing weight that you could NEVER learn if you were always skinny.

Losing weight forces you to become patient. You will get stronger physically and it will be impressive and, you will also get stronger mentally and this will leave people in awe.

You will learn resilience. You will learn to roll with the punches. You will learn that change takes a long-ass-time.

Do you know what else??

You become inspirational.

You become motivational.

You are blessed with the power to create change for those around you.

You become the go to person and the ONE person who grabbed life by the horns and screamed “I’M FUCKING TIRED OF THIS SHIT”.

You will be admired. 

And quite rightly so.

So yeh, I’m not here to blow glitter up your ass and promise you a rock hard lean body in 8 weeks time. I’’m not here to stroke you hair and promise you that if you could just stop eating those evil carbs you’d have the body of a Goddess….


I’m here to tell you to lose weight, get strong and BE THE CHANGE.

I need people like you on my team, in my tribe and in my studio. I can’t do this revolution on mine own now can I?

So, come join us. Join Whitby’s only studio that has a mission to change the world…one tummy at a time:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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