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No-starve fast = 4.2lb drop in 72hrs

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“Holy shyte down 4.2 lbs!”

^^ AWWWW yeaaaahh.

Another happy lady who has just started our insane fat loss program with 10,000 Strong Boot camp..

…. and that 4.2 pounds BTW has happened within just 72 hours.

The fact is, our Hour Glass Fast 3 Week Fat Loss Program has only just begun for Terri and she is already seeing significant results.

Now, of course, the program doesn’t include me waving a magic wand at your hips…No…you do have to do some work but because the meal plan is 100% done for you, all ya gotta do is follow along,

I asked Terri if she was enjoying the plan thus far and she said:

I haven’t been hungry at all. When I’ve wanted to eat, it’s been a habit/boredom thing. I had to force myself to eat this a.m”.


She is on a fasting program and she doesn’t feel hungry at all.

In fact many people are reporting way more energy and stamina….

The truth is, the Hour Glass Fast program gives you shockingly fast weight loss results without the discomfort of feeling hungry and deprived.

Yep…we have finally figured out where the magic happens.

You too can join this 3 week program and not only will you get our 3 week done for you fat loss focused fasting meal plan..

…but you’ll have complete access to unlimited boot camp classes here at the Whitby studio (on Hwy 2).

You can choose between any of our 45 classes per week and yes, we start at 5:30am so you can workout before the family wakes up.

The combination of our HIIT training classes and this meal plan are going to make your Spring and Summer the leanest one yet…best of all, you can repeat this meal plan as many times as you like.

Grab yours today and get started – no time like the present:

Can’t wait for you to experience intense results like Terri 🙂

Till tomorrow

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong Boot camp

Misty RH
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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