Come try us on for size! Take some classes, chat with the trainers - hey, if not now…when?

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Look, you are not a TRUE fitness business owner unless you post up some selfies by the pool and let all your clients know you are livin’ da laptop lifestyle.

You gotta let all your customers know how awesome you are right? Your company relies upon you publicly announcing every email you send from a a white sand beach with an azure blue back drop…

In fact, how would you know I even own a fitness business unless I pose in my bikini with my kale shake quoting motivational motifs pretending that ya’ll are not seething with jealousy at my toned, bronzed bod.


You know I own a fitness business because I live my business…in the real world.

10 years of running a boot camp, now with 150 members in our freshly reno’d studio means I don’t need to #nofilter #valencia #personaltrainersofinstagram ANYTHING.

You know that my business was literally built on my own blood, sweat and bucket loads of tears. You know that I have evolved my business into a thriving fitness community and that the passionate trainers and managers that run the show are literally like my family…

There is no other studio that has the same welcoming vibe…


(no lies, Kaitlyn left boot camp to travel the world and periodically updates me on her where about’s and how NONE of the gyms compare to us)

But who cares right?

Well you should.

Because while all the pop up summer boot camps come and go…i’ll still be here in the fall.

My doors to the air conditioned studio will be open for over 40 classes a week and you won’t be scrambling come September trying to find another fitness plan.

I am a veteran business in this community who has fought tooth and nail to keep my business alive through death, divorce and destitution.

And do you know what that means for you? I means that i’ve worked too hard to shut up shop when the rent goes up. I don’t close my doors when it gets cold out. I don’t shirk on exciting programs, equipment and bonuses for my members.


If anything, I consistently give all our members more and more and more every year.

And yeh, this email might come off as a little high and mighty.

And I know some of you will probably find this email off putting and salesy.

But what I am trying to say, as I choke back tears and try to stop my passion for your health overflowing from my brain….

…what I am trying to say, is that if and when you decide to come try out my boot camp…when you come and workout with my trainers and you visit with your nutritionist…

…you’ll feel this passion.

In every wall, in every person, in every breath.

And it will invigorate you. It will renenergize you. It will motivate you.

And you can.

You can come breathe in new energy. Anytime you want.

For a limited time I have opened up the waiting list for our famous Summer BOGO.

When you purchase July, August is free…

And you’ll get everything our regular members do. Unlimited boot camp, one on one nutrition, meal plans, motivation and of course total accountability.

More details and to get added to the waiting list are right here:

8 weeks of sweaty, passionate, earth shattering….workouts. All for the price of one.

Talk soon
Misty RHN
10,000 Strong Boot Camp

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