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Total rant today… But sometimes you just gotta tell people to go stick a fork in an outlet…

You see, yesterday I posted a funny post about how I was adamant not to pay any more to heat my 100 year old farm
house than what I paid to heat my 900 sq ft, brand spanking new, sealed at all the edges,  condo. Which is funny because my condo literally cost me like $20 a month….

…anyway my post basically warned any future guests to bring blankeys and slippers with them should they ever stop in.

Anyway, this total Facebook Philosphisor called Jason couldn't help
himself and posted up this douchebag comment:

"well, if you just made more money, you wouldn't have to worry about your heating bill"…

…I don't even know this dude and he sure as shit didn't know me, my story or my income.

So I replied:

"Jason. You don't know me. I don't know you. And so, don't you dare comment on this thread when you have no fucking clue how much money I earn".

I woke up this morning and his post and any subsequent comments had been deleted and he has been banned.

I don't have time for self-righteous idiots. And, I certainly don't have time for them leaving their pseudo-advice on my time line in a derogatory and condescending manner.

So I told him what I thought.

In the only way I know how: bluntly.

And now this fool has been dismissed from my life forever. And that's great. 

So, feel free to speak freely to your naysayers. Dismiss anyone who doesn't add positivity and light to your life. Tell those condescending Connies exactly where to go.

Life is too short for spending even one second on buffoons.

Anyway, what is the point of all of this?? 

Well, today I give you my blessing to remove anyone from your life that you does not serve you. Do things for you and your happiness. Find peace, work on balance. Get into the habit of making yourself happy first, brutally cut out anything and anyone that makes you miserable.

If the way you eat makes you miserable, if your diet is making your body unhappy then it's time to dismiss and remove all that crap food and those bad habits. It's time to get brutally focused on foods and habits that serve you.

And so, for a limited time, I'm offering you a $17 diet plan that will 100% serve your body, make it happy and lean and finally help you get rid of everything that makes it sad and bloated:

It's time to be 100% thrilled to be you.

Misty RHN
10000 Strong

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Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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