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Oh Boy! We have a green eyed monster….

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In business we always have competitors.

Or, in my opinion, perceived competitors (No-one can compete with me because no-one IS me.)

We have people that would prefer to steal your success than build their own.

You have people who would prefer to take the credit on your work than create an original.

And for 10 years in this business, this has happened to me more than once.

And while it’s kind of annoying, it’s also is very flattering.

In a way, when someone reuses my copy, my programs and the way I do things…it means I must be doing something right!

No-one would ever steal something that was crap would they?

And to be fair, i’m really quite open about the success of my businesses.

Why wouldn’t I be?

So when people try to take my clients, say bad things about my business or merely copy my “Muffin Top Meltdown” Program…..(tip: at least think up your own name)…

You know what I say >>>> OH WELL.

I am sure you have run in to a circumstance either in your own business or at work whereby something similar has happened.

They have copied you, reused your ideas, taken credit for your work etc etc….

And you will find you have 2 choices:

1 -You can focus on it, let it fester, tell all your friends and co-workers and build it into big ole bitch fest….


2 – You can brush it off, do what needs to be done to make that problem disappear and MOVE ON.

Now, I know that I write mostly about health and wellness….and maybe this topic is not quite inline with that….

But knowing how to move past a problem or person without creating a snowball of negativity is a large part to staying healthy.

It will reduce your chance of giving a fuck by 100% <<< which is simply the best. So, if there is something or someone that is trying to compete with you or has simply betrayed you… Say “OH WELL” and move on. Your future is bright…theirs…not so much. Misty “feeling righteous” Mozejko PS: Today, I feel like all the members I have at boot camp are all that I need because we are an awesome team of positivity. So do not even think about doing a 2 week test drive >>>>

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