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OH MY GOD: The Family Is Coming.

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You know…in the fitness industry we harp on about getting skinny for summer.

Bikini bodies and tank top arms…and that’s cool….I guess.

But to me, there is something much scarier on the horizon.

Something much more soul destroying.

Something that judges you and insults you WAY more than the Summer sun ever could…

Yes you guessed it >>>> i’m talking about your family.

Your sisters will give you the once over, your brothers will poke fun.

Your mother will ask if you “really need another Turtle dear”…

And your Mother in Law….bahahahaha….she will merely hold a look of disdain.

Your dad is probably the only one you can rely on, and together you will nibble chocolates and drink too much vino.

So many people come to me wanting to get slimmer by “my anniversary” or “my girl friends wedding” or “a family reunion”…


Because being complimented by your family instead of them saying nothing complimentary (or WORSE, something insulting!!!) is a fantastic feeling.

When the closest people too you start noticing your figure, it’s a lovely feeling.

You know what else is lovely….looking better than all your cousins.

So if you want to wow people this Christmas, you better start NOW.

We need to work on your supplements, meal plans and your training sessions but we still have plenty of time.

Jump on board with a 2 week test drive and we can give you the kick start you are looking for.

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Misty “take that skinny sister” Mozejko

PS: Members in our detox plan lost up to 7 pounds in 12 days. They feel lean, less bloated and destroyed cravings.

How does that sound this fall?

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