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I have a nice ass, and so when I see another nice ass, it’s my duty to compliment it. And so, when client Naseeba rolled into boot camp the other day and I just happened to look up from my desk, all I could see was her fantastic, pert, round…

butt cheeks.

Honestly, Da Vinci couldn’t have sculpted anything more perfect if he tried.

Naseeba has been coming to boot camp for a while now. She comes to the 5:45 or 6:15pm class. I usually see her 3 ish times a week, but she might actually come more or less…

…the point is tho is that she has obviously been doing her squats. Her lunges. Her butt lifts and her deadlifts.

She’s been putting in the work, and, when you stay consistent, when you trust the process…

…every little workout, every little baby step, every single squat results in a magnificent ass.

The 90’s were for pancake bottoms but 2017 is the Year of the Ass. So, quick, turn around and have a quick peek at your butt…

..what is it doing?

Is it drooping past the top of your thighs? Is it lopsided? Does it sag?

Or…is it like Naseeba’s and stands to attention? Has anti-gravity curves? Just makes you want to nibble on it…just a little?

If you have been thinking about working that tush a little more and making your rear as jaw dropping as your smile…then join our 21 day Hour Glass Fast fitness and nutrition challenge.

We will get rid of all the excess fat while chiseling out a stunning m-ass-terpiece.

It’s only three weeks and your shape will change so drastically you’ll need new yoga pants to display your new curves …

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