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So today I got into a fight with a professional Muay Thai kick boxer.

Yep, he was my partner during my Muay Thai training session and it was terrifying.

His punches were powerfully accurate. His kicks hit my pads with targeted velocity. 

The way he slipped, rolled and blocked and his direct focus on my movement was quite incredible. 

I knew that with one imbalanced pad placement from me I could be seriously injured. I knew that if my blocks weren't in point I'd leave with a cauliflower ear and I knew that in order to ensure his workout was as good as mine, I needed to step up my game.

Today's training session just about killed me (in a good way), you see not only was my sparring partner an amazing fighter, he was also an amazing teacher and he taught me proper form, stance and technique while we smashed each other to pieces.

And while he is "just" a member there, he was also an amazing instructor to me for the 30 minutes we sparred.

The same thing happens at 10,000 Strong ya know.

For sure we have amazing instructors, the best in the GTA (we actually have an in house mentoring program for those members looking to become instructors) but we are also very lucky to have incredibly knowledgeable and helpful members too.

Members who can guide you, support you, show you the correct form or exercise combination.  Members who have been in your shoes and members who will take all the intimidation and scariness out of joining a studio like mine 🙂

I'm not really a religious woman, but I know that I have been blessed with members like mine 🙂

Now look, I signed up for Muay Thai for 12 months, because in my vast experience in the fitness and weight loss field, 12 months is about how long it takes to make lasting and lifelong changes,  to truly learn what it takes to stay fit and lean forever and to develop the habits needed to ensure you NEVER EVER slip back to frump-ville.

Our 12 month memberships are on sale with our Paid In Full discount, yup, you'll save around $400 and so if you're ready to truly make a change, i'd suggest you grab one of the last remaining deal memberships:

So come on in, everyone is waiting for you:

Until tomorrow

Misty RHN.

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