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Only open this if you ate pie today.

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Right now I bet you are sat on the couch, reading this email with your eyes barely open.

Your distended turkey belly is full to bursting while your brain tries to persuade into another slice of pie.

I know you really outdid yourself this year and while you may regret some food choices tomorrow….tonight is all about tryptophan and wine induced food coma you are slowly slipping into.

BUT..before you drift off into your dreamland, I promised I would get you the payment link for our BIG OL Thanksgiving Sale.

For the next 24 hours AND for the 5 lucky people who act fast, our 6 month memberships are on sale with a whopping $400 discount attached.

There won’t be another deal like this until waaaaaaaaaay into 2017 sometime so if you are looking for a proven program to sort our your pie brain and gravy belly…

…well look no further.

It would literally be the most perfect time to join us! You can fix up a Summer of sinning and trash all that turkey PLUS get your self ship shape for Christmas and New Year.

Plus, if you join now, you’ll get our January fasting program included in your membership.

OK, enough blabbing. We shall talk more tomorrow.

Here’s the link to grab your discounted membership:

Once you are signed up, I’ll get all your nutrition appointments set up asap so we can hit the ground running.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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