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Out of control cruise ship Captain.

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The cruise ship I was vacationing was being captained by a complete fool.

As I clutched onto the table in my quarters, I could see the world spinning by through my tiny portal.

Buildings, houses, people all whirled by my window as the ship tried to corner an impossibly small angle.

The next moment, my stomach jumped into my mouth as the ship lurched sideways to avoid the 100 ft cement pillar that was jutting out the water right in front of us.

I could hear the plates crashing to the floor in the dining room and the screams of the other passengers as they were unmercifully thrown across the room.

One more swerve to the right and I knew this cruise ship was out of control and no souls aboard would be saved

Suddenly, unfazed, my boyfriend walked into the room where I was silently praying for a painless watery death.

He looked at me quizzically as I clung to the furniture and he said:

"we are so lucky to have such a skilled Captain. There is no way anyone else could have navigated such a treacherous estuary"

His eyes were full of appreciation for the Captain I so clearly thought was out to kill us… 

…My mind reeled.

He continued to praise our skilled Captain and commend his ship-handling skills while I simply sat there with my mouth gaping.

Turns out, a recent storm had knocked over some of the cement pillars that had been put in place to secure the estuary walls. These pillars were now sticking out of the water waiting to puncture the hull of any unsuspecting ship.

Our Captain had been on deck, pulling some crazy ass ship-shifting shit to ensure we didn't hit these pillars and all sink to our doom. 

Well, because I had let fear and judgement take over, I had ran for cover and blamed the Captain for being a crazed psychopath who was out to kill us all….

My boyfriend however had decided to get a few more facts about the situation and instead of being fearful, he was wide eyed with gratitude for our experienced and brave Captain.

^^^ yes. That was a dream. A dream that showed me how often I choose to embrace fear and judgement rather than fact-finding and appreciation.

Maybe if I had taken a second to go find out what was happening to the cruise ship RATHER than running scared to my room…maybe I wouldn't have started to think the absolute worst of the situation at hand.

I mean, really, this applies to everything in life – we always have two options with every situation or issue that arises.

We can cast our fears far and wide, or we can go on a fact-finding mission and start to appreciate the various out comes.

I think a great many of my readers have embraced the FEAR when it comes to trying us out. They have decided the boot camp is way too scary, way too aggressive and way too intense for them. They have made up their mind that we are really a bunch of lunatics, hell-bent on a mission to cripple your body and remove every tasty morsel from your life forever.

But, if the same people went on a fact-finding adventure, a little "info-recon" mission they might start to see the truth.

The reality behind what we do. The delicious food and fun workouts.

The fear would melt away and instead, a new appreciation for our revolution would appear.

And so, with nothing but love, I invite you to find out a little but more about The Good Ship Misty and her crew of 12 cabin boys and girls. A crew that has the highest education and experience in weight loss and strength building that our little Town of Whitby has ever, ever seen.

Start your information-building here:

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