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P90..ah fek it…..

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So like 6 months ago I purchased this super fab online book writing program.

Yep. The $1000 I spent on this 90 day program  PROMISED me I would be a published author in 3 months.

I was super excited, after all I've literally got like 3 books inside me just dying to get out..

And I figured…If I was willing to spend $1000 on this step by step guide, SURELY I would get it done.

You'd think right? Ahhhh, nope.

Meh. After three weeks, I was already 2 weeks behind.

You see, even though the weekly modules were awesome and very, very easy to follow…I just didn't have any accountability. I didn't have anyone to push me. I didn't have anyone to make sure I got shit done.

And so, within 14 days, my motivation had plummeted off the edge of the earth.

And, if you've ever bought into P90X, Beachbody or Insanity…you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Ok, so P90X is like $200 (which is a lot for a bunch of 0.2 cent cd's) and I know that you all start out super motivated and totally disciplined. 

And you are 100% certain that THIS will be the thing that changes your life.

Until about 2 weeks in and you suddenly start to slip. You miss a day, or 2.

A week flashes by and that box set taunts you from the beside the DVD player. There is a fine layer of dust covering the cheap CDs and you're pretty sure the kids drew with crayon on the Yoga one anyway.

There is no-one to keep you engaged with those one-sided TV trainers. Trainers that don't even know you exist. Trainers who don't care if you workout every day or NEVER…..

So anyway, lets go back to my book-flop….I decided I needed a trainer of my own. I need a writing personal trainer and so I called up the owner of the whizzy online module course and explained that I was the type of person who needed MASSIVE ACCOUNTABILITY to get shit done…

And so she took me under her wing and hey presto! My book is actually underway.

My guess is that you are much like me. You also need massive accountability when I comes to your workouts and your nutrition.

My guess is that you would also do much much better under the watchful eye of a trainer and the wing of an entire tribe of fitness motivated folk.

I bet, that we would not only get you to your goals faster, but that you would get LIFE LONG results…

…which is way better than holding onto those box sets for the rest of your lives because maybe *one day* you'll get back into it.

Ok so you know what's coming next…yup, the link to purchase your 2 week test drive. It's comes every day. Without fail. 

BUT I don't want you to grab this pass if you cannot invest about $50 a week into your workouts, if you are looking for a short term solution or "pay by class" option.

We have a longevity mindset and we want our clients to also. Sound good? Good:

Talk at ya tomorrow

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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