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Panic Attacks for Prosperity.

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I was in 2 minds about sending this email. You see, as a well know business owner who has been considered “fearless” in her approach to health and wellness…

…as the brave leader of all of our 10000 Strong Troops…

…as someone who is known for her no-nonsense approach…

…talking about this weakness feels like it would be detrimental to my “image” and my “message”.

But, i’ve never offered anything but 100% transparency so I decided to send it….

I wrote this email a few days ago, sat on it for a while, and then decided my truths are more important than my image:

Here goes nuttin’:

I’m in a very weird mood.

It all started last night with a panic attack

And, as stoic, sensible and stern as I seem…this chick here suffers from panic attacks.

If you have ever suffered from depression, anxiety, panic attacks or other such mental afflictions….you know what i’m talking about….

…the constant fear of foreboding.

…the intense feeling on having forgotten something really important…

… the sickness, the shaking, the fatigue….

I mean the list goes on right?

Anxiety, depression et al have such a long laundry list of symptoms that each person can experience it differently.

And, I will say this, you can have anxiety for many different reasons.

As entrepreneurs it can stem from money woes, staffing, work load or any other single event in your business life…

…but more often than not, a panic attack is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of…I wear mine with pride – they are simply a testament to my staying power….

…in fact, living with an illness of any sort is not a weakness..

Actually, in the copy writing world of story-telling and motivation, living with challenge is a total money maker.

And when you can weave your tales into profitable story-selling email, well, you’ll have it made in the shade….

…and what about me? What about me and all my panic attacks?

Well, once they have passed I simply do what I know. I write.

I put my experiences down on paper and hope that I can help another through my words.

As I said things like depression, panic attacks anxiety et al are NOT signs of weaknesses. They are signs of someone who has been strong for a long time.

Of course, exercising consistently raises your serotonin levels. Low levels of serotonin are consistent with anxiety and depression and so while it’s often the LAST thing you WANT to do when feeling out of sorts, it’s the FIRST thing you should consider doing for immediate happiness.

Exercise is one of those things you can do that will ultimately increase the results of any medication of therapies you are undergoing and WILL NOT interfere with them whatsoever.

If you need a pick me up and feel it’s time to look into some nutritional therapies but do NOT want to dive into a long term commitment…then join us for 2 weeks and see how you feel.

It can’t hurt ..right?

Until tomorrow
Misty RHN
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