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Perving on a teen-wolf (nutrition naughtiness)

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I know this makes me sound like a total cougar…and maybe this was even illegal, BUT when Twilight came out I was definitely on Team Jacob.

That one scene where he removes his shirt only to uncover a set of perfectly chiseled pecs…

…I think all the MILF's in the audience squirmed in their seats simultaneously.

Anyway, yes the view was pleasant and I am sure being and (for legalities sakes) an *18* year old kid makes it easier to obtain such results…

BUT I was very intrigued as to how this young man acquired such startling results. I mean c'mon…you don't become a Ken doll over night do ya?

So I did some research and yes, while 10,000 Strong Boot Camp style HIIT training was included it was his DIET that was the biggest factor. Being a young man full of testosterone, building muscle wasn't a problem. It's the leaning out that is.

And so in an article I dug up, he laid out his exact meal plan for the day. The weeks. The MONTHS.

And here is it:

Chicken, beef patties and sweet potato.

The same three items, day in and day out. He told the magazine that he used to carry around a brown paper bag with beef patties in to ensure he wouldn't miss a meal.

Huh….not so glamorous after all really.

But, Jacob had a job to do and so downing chicken, beef and yams was the quickest way to become the hottest wolf-boy on the planet. But the thing is…while this approach works, it's a) terribly boring b) devoid of many nutrients and minerals and c) not sustainable for a lifetime of lean (some post Twilight pictures of Jacob proved this).

And so, our job then is NOT to focus on short term fixes and our 5 minutes of fame. Nope.

Our goal is to live and breathe long term nutrition and fitness plans and programs. Really…my job is to educate you. My job is to really show you ALL of the options available to you and your family. My company is not to TELL you what to do, it's to TEACH you.

Which is why we do our nutrition fact, just this morning I got the September challenge recipe book cover sent back for approval. Looks fab.

Now, in addition the the new challenges, I am also rolling out a brand new nutrition program for our members. Simpler, more accountable and easier to implement. It's in the works for fall and i'll show it to you after the Clean Slate Detox is over.

Now, if you are a member, the detox is included in membership (bonus). If you have been thinking about joining us but not sure where to start, the click the link below to find out more about our 2 week test drive.

School is back in session soon….hit the ground running and get your fitness and nutrition planning sorted NOW.

Talk soon

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong: a nutrition and fitness revolution


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