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Private Investigator Found This Out

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Being a nutritionist is a lot like being being a detective. I get to figure out the root of evil and put illness and inflammation behind bars. I get to find the bad guys and right the wrongs

Just like today.

I pinpointed a massive yeast overgrowth in a new client that when fixed will change her life. Her skin. Her gut and her health, from head to toe.

You see, weight loss will be foiled by deficiency. You won’t get to your goals with an essential fatty deficiency or low stomach acid. You won’t stop eating carbs if you have hypoglycaemia and you certainly won’t get strong if your adrenals are so wasted you feel like sleeping through every workout.

So, what’s ailing you? Do you know how to combine the vitamins, the foods and the workouts all together to ensure you are doing everything that YOUR body needs?

I mean, if you are going to work this hard, you might as well get it right…..right?

How can you possibly fix yourself if you don’t have any idea whats wrong…

NEWS FLASH…It’s not that you eat shit and don’t work out.

I mean, yeh, that’s part of it. But that is NOT where your health story ends.

You are a super complex being. Your lifestyle, your stress, your habits and your job will all dictate which deficiencies you will have. These things will promote imbalances in your body and will ultimately create a very specific set of weaknesses that you’ll have to work through on your life long journey to peak physical health.

And, if you go through this journey blind, and no-one like me tells you straight up where your problems are… ya gonna know what you need to do?

And this is why at 10,000 Strong we combine a nutritionist, a weight loss coach and a personal training into one holistic package.

We will cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s.

We will arm you with everything you need to make a complete transformation.

Trust me, we won’t just yell at you to lift heavier, squat lower and push up till you puke…

You will be educated. You will be taught what you need. You will be our #1 priority.

Just like you deserve.

Our Black Friday Sale is coming to an end soon. I have a couple of memberships still on sale so if you know that you need all of the above AND want to save $600, then today is your lucky day.

But, when they are gone, they are gone.

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