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I needed a time out so I flew to DC to see a friend. I needed to escape from the constant evolution and revolution of life and business…

Ever feel like that?? 

Ever feel like it would be just better if you took a few steps back?

Now I’m going to tell you something that, well, most business owners wouldn’t share. I’m going to be 100% transparent with you….

In the recent months, we have had a few competitors open up close by, we’ve had a few trainers leave and we’ve been focusing on systems overhaul and member upgrades while we battled it out in Marketing wars against fitness conglomerates who’s marketing budgets are more than my company makes in an entire year.

Personally, I have been juggling a couple of projects while trying to be a mom who is present, happy, relaxed and engaged. 

I even got a little burned out (slight understatement)at one point… yup. It happens. 

It’s not been easy. 

It’s not been pretty. 

But if there is one thing I am, it’s resilient. 

I can and have weathered any storm.

Our core team of trainers is the MOST COHESIVE and passionate crew I’ve ever met. 

Our systems, our training, and our studio is the highest quality with the most experienced and exciting trainers in the Region.

We are the longest standing fitness establishment in Whitby and what’s more….we were built by our members and developed a true passion for really making a difference in people’s lives.

We are a community. 

We are a family.

And my family needs me.

So with that said I’m coming out of retirement and coming back to train more folk at the boot camp 🙂

Going back to my roots as they say. 

Now, my classes are hard, they can be silly and my inappropriate sense of humor will either make you laugh or cry…

… but you’ll get a damn good workout in every time and it will set you up for the day. 

You can join anytime but I’d recommend you try the celebrate Hour Glass Fast which will recreate your metabolism and your muscles…

Complete nutritional programming and daily HIIT training for 3 whole weeks….your body won’t have a choice but to change 🙂

Click here and join me

Let’s do this peeps!

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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