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Remember your childhood with this…

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Do you ever just wander the isles at Michaels and stare, misty-eyed at the rows upon rows on stickers.

The jewel stickers, the bubble stickers, the cartoon stickers?

I don’t know about you, but when my teacher used stickers, it was always awesome.

Which totally reminds me…In college is was a reading tutor for the children in my town, my supervisor, Miss Cheryl, used to provide us feedback on our teaching skills and she ALWAYS wrote on paper that was shaped like an apple stuck on a big smiley face sticker after her notes.

I was 19 and LOVED GETTING these little notes.

See the thing is, I am all about things that make YOU feel good. That make YOU smile.

I know how bloody hard life is. I know how stressful it can be and I know how much pressure you are under.

And so, I have made it my life’s work to make you feel better. To make you laugh and to give you feel good projects to work on so YOU can have something positive to focus on…

…and so, with my mission in mind, today we launched the Summer Sticker Mania Accountability program at 10,000 Strong.

Ya see, Summer is one of those times where we are more tempted to NOT workout. Our workouts and motivation take a detour into vacation-ville as our usual schedule is abandoned.

And while we have the best of intentions….Summer often wreaks havoc on even the most disciplined of fitness freak.

So, our little Sticker program has been developed in such a way that:

1) You get to play with stickers every day
2) If you get the most stickers at the end of the week your get a reward ribbon and
3) If you do the most amount of workouts that week, you get your name put on Star of Greatness and hung on our Line o Stars for all the world to see [the person with the most stars at the end of summer gets a super awesome special prize].

Yes, while somewhat childish and silly it is actually and immensely powerful way to help you stay on track and fitness-focussed over Summer.

And it will make you smile.

And that’s what it’s all about.

So, come try out our Summer Sticker Mania for 2 weeks here:

We even got you some Jewel Stickers for Jewel Sticker Week.

Yep…we know what you like 😉

Misty RHN
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