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[sale] Miss the Detox? Join us from home!

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Ok, so after some pretty earth shattering news on Friday I have something awesome for you sink your teeth into.

As I mentioned, along with the launch of 10000 Strong: A nutrition and fitness revolution, I am finally able to release all my nutrition programs to the public.

Just because you don’t workout with me doesn’t mean you can’t follow along with our life changing nutrition program’s, cleanses and detoxes.

The step by step meal plans, the done for you grocery lists and the easy to follow instructions means you don’t have to do any of the thinking, planning and figuring out…nope, I have done all that for you.

All you need to do is follow along, lose weight, shed bloat and feel like a million bucks 🙂

Now look, this is the first time I am offering this type of “join us from home” nutrition program and really, I just want to get the first book out the gate and into the hands of people who need it. So, for the next 48 hours, I am offering our 19 day detox “Juice This, Eat That” online nutrition program for just $19.

I have waaaaaay more information on this program inside the link below, but before you disappear and grab this deal…let me remind you of a couple of things.

– I still want you to be active. I know you are not working out my studio, but you need to move your body every day for about 20 minutes.
–  I want you to follow the plan to a T. It only works when you are fully committed. Don’t throw $19 away and half ass this plan.
–  I want you to re-use this program a couple times a year. The body loves a good spring clean so make sure to repeat it.

Ok, I have everything you need to know about our transformational juicing and eating cleanse right here:

I cannot wait to watch you flourish!

Talk soon

Misty “eatin’ juicin’ machine” RHN

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