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Santa’s Coming To 10,000 Strong!

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My legs are sore. My ass is sore.

And yes, after 10 years in the fitness industry, my muscles still cry out for mercy after a particularly evil workout.

Yesterday’s lunch time class was such a class…but, I brought it on myself.

You see, Coach Natalie and I have been mentoring a brand new personal trainer. She is a long time member (I ONLY hire from within my own membership, which is why our trainers are so good), she is also our Weight Management Expert, runner, yogi, mom and Lulu Lemon lover.

And, transitioning from client to trainer is a very hard thing to do.

Besides having to learn all the technicalities of personal training, getting certified and insured, leading a class of rowdy members and keeping track of form, reps, music and time…

…you have to stand in front of your peers, take control and become the teacher rather than student.

It's very intimidating.

But I see a true teacher in Courtney.

Yesterdays lunch time Tabata class kicked our asses but the motivation while she killed us kept me going.

She’s perfect..but it appears I have created a monster 🙂

Anyway…our community here at 10,00 Strong is all about lifting others up so they can be better. Fitter. Leaner. Happier. 

It’s all about working together to get to your goals….you are NOT on your own, battling uphill to get to your goals. Nope. We are all in this together.

We even get your kids involved.

Which is why I am personally inviting you to come our Christmas Family Boot Camp and Disco on Thursday December 15th at 7pm.

 – You can enjoy a great boot camp with your kids and show them that healthy can be fun
– The kids will get snacks, drinks and presents to celebrate the Season
– The disco will help them burn of extra energy –  we will even have disco lights and smoke machine 🙂
– Santa will be there to help make all your Christmas dreams come true. And for Christmas pictures…of course.

You’ll all enjoy a great workout, the kids then get to disco it up in the studio ANDDD…

…SANTA WLL BE THERE!! The big man himself is coming to sit with your littles and share some Christmas Spirit.

Spots are limited so grab yours now. $10 per child, adults are free,

See you on the 15th!

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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