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Scales are useless so throw yours away.

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Using the scale to dictate your weight loss success is like using bazooka to kill a fly.

The bazooka will kill that pesky housefly but it will also take out the coffee table, the wall and probably leave a large hole in your carpet.

And it’s the same with a scale.

The scale will measure your weight, but inside the number that it spits back at you are things like:

How much food is in your body
How much water you drank
The weight of your blood, bones and brains.

Yes, fat weight is there but it’s combined with everything else.

And let me tell you…. Your water weight changes every day. You could gain water weight one week and lose water weight the next…

…and if you are only using the scale the dictate your success, then it’s a very heart breaking rollercoaster of unpredictable numbers.

So at 10,000 Strong we use all of the below to track your weight loss, muscle gain and metabolic rate:

Body Fat Reading
Inches in 3 separate parts of the body
Hydration level
Muscle Mass
Inflammation in the body
Thyroid function
Digestive capabilities
Stress levels

….and the list goes on.

Our philosophy is that your success should be measured using a combination of holistic components.

We don’t think one plan fits all and thus, we personalize EVERYTHING…. Even down to the way to track your results.

So if you are sick to death of relying on a hunk of metal and plastic to tell you whether you are winning the fat loss war….

…. Then come rely on our trainers. Rely on our nutritionists. Rely on our team of Ambassadors.

These trained professionals are here to help you ditch the scale and find a brand new way to move forward with your healthy body.

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