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Scare n Shame boot camps need a new MO

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What does boot camp mean to you?

I’m honestly curious.

Does it sound intimidating?

Does it mean drill sergeants screaming at you to keep going with your pushups till you puke?

Does it sound like something that’s way beyond your comfort zone and something you would be too scared to try?

It certainly might. I know the term boot camp has this connotation attached to it.

In fact, part of the re-branding we did was to help abolish the intimidation and make us sound less like an obnoxious, clicky, scare n shame kinda place (like many of our counterparts)…

…and make us sound more like a place on empowerment, a revolution of healthy people who are just looking to get fit without the pressure of competition, with the judgement of the gym and without the boredom of a rowing machine.

The thing that stopped me getting healthy and fit all those years ago was simple sheer intimidation. I was way too concerned with looking like an idiot and not being able to keep up with the rest of the gang.

This fear of “not keeping up” kept me away from exercise for way too long and it wasn’t until I joined a fitness program that made me feel comfortable, a fitness program that was non-judgemental that I was able to finally focus on my weight loss and not worry about what everyone else thought of me.

And that feeling of acceptance is what we have created here.

Our trainers are not flashing 6 pack abs in your face. Our members aren’t all downing pre-workout and throwing weights around like apes.

Our studio is not a dirty, grimy and dark industrial unit that needs a good dose of disinfectant.

We are an upscale, independent health revolution that respects, cares and motivates our members. We push you, but we don’t yell. We keep at you, but we don’t shame you. We create hard workouts, but we keep your fitness level in mind.

It’s way different than you might think.

Now, if you are looking to come try out something new…then I have 2 options:

You are always welcome to join us for a 2 week test drive and check out our program (you can find this on our website)..but if you want something a little more effective that will help you lose weight and get strong for Spring, then check out our 21 day team program that starts April 25th: The 10000 Rep Challenge.

I have more information below, but in a nutshell you’ll get 120 workouts as well as a done for you, 21 day, daily meal plan.

Go here to read more and to register:

There is nothing to fear, just jump in with 2 feet. You’ll never look back

Talk soon

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