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Scary Calculation Predicts Death.

In: fitness

This scary calculation will tell you how many days you have left to live.

So grab your calculator and lets try this out.

So first of all, calculate your age in days:

I’m 35 so my calculation is:

35 x 365 = 12,775

Now, I have to subtract this number from 27,375 (which is the average age we live to in days)


27,375 – 12,775 = 14,600.

This means I have 14,600 days left to live – about 2000 weeks left on earth.

I mean granted, I have more days left to live than I have already been alive…

Which means I could do every single thing I have done in my life so far and do it all again…..and have time to nap….

which is kinda cool.

BUT…when I see how many days left I have to live, you are somewhat reminded to make them count.

Stop seeing your workouts as a burden, and start seeing them as something that is going to extend that number.

I mean 14,000 days is going to go by fast.

I have to figure out a way to slow them down!

What is your number? Does it scare you?

Are you making each day count?

Are you living a healthy life which will increase, NOT DECREASE, the amount of days left on this planet?

I sure hope so.

Let me know your thoughts on that calculation.

Talk soon

Misty “Like Sands Through The Hour Glass So Are The Days Of Our Lives” Mozejko

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