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Schlepping Thru Xmas In Eggnog Exhaustion

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What are we… 2 weeks out from Christmas?

Yeh something like that and for brand new client V, this is the perfect time to join my our weight loss program.

I know most of you are like "oh god, i'll just wait until the New Year and then i'll get skinny"…but that wasn't good enough for V. She wanted, no NEEDED, to start now.

And so she bit the bullet and signed up.

She wasn't prepared to wait any longer. To put on any more weight and to schlep through Christmas in a wasteland of lethargy.

She wanted to feel better NOW. To be in control of her health and energy levels.

The truth is, V has way more on her plate than any of us could imagine. Listening to her story, my heart ached for her.

The fact that she is willing to sign up for a nutrition program at this time of year with EVERYTHING she has going on is amazing. And I am proud of her. Very proud.

Ladies listen up:

No matter how much you have on your plate, no matter how crazy this season may be…you still need to carve out time for you.

Because if YOU fall apart at the seams then everything else will too.

You can do what V did and join my private nutrition sessions in Port Perry OR….

you can go the whole hog and jump into the boot camp and nutrition program in Whitby.

Either way you'll LOSE weight this Christmas and instead of having an extra 12 pounds of stuffing to lose come January…you'll already be down 10!!


If you are in Port, just hit reply to learn more about the Nutrition only program.

If you want to try out the boot camp in Whitby for just $29 then click on over here:

Don't another 10 pounds to join…do it now before it's too late!

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong


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