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She was sick again. She'd caught a cold that wouldn't quit 

Coughing, hacking and a general feeling of "Fuck this shit" crawled over her body.

She hauled her carcass through the days. Slapped a smile on her face for her boss. She forced her mind to be present for her kids…but the reality was, she was a vacant shell. 

Physically present, mentally comatose. 

A zombie. 

A Mombie. 

She knew the iPad babysitter was doing a better job at parenting than her, but as her eyelids closed, she slid into an uncomfortable nap in her chair…at 6:17pm.

She knew the frozen pizza she warmed up for dinner was a total cop out, but cooking healthy dinners for ungrateful people was beyond her enthusiasm level.

She also knew that tonight she would avoid her husbands advances, mumbling something about not feeling well as she stared into the darkness, unable to fall asleep.

And, as she stared into nothing,  she would wonder how her life became so mundane? So hard? When did she turn into an exhausted slave to time? 

How come her friends still had their zest for life? How come they did shit with their kids on weeknights? How on earth did they enjoy finding new healthy recipes and why did their family do things like hike and skate while hers just watched Cartoon Network reruns…

She thought back 6 months and realized she's not been "vibrant" for a while now and lately, she's just been downright sick.

Years have slipped by in a fog of work, kids and stress and now, as tears rolled down her face and plopped onto her distended, bloated stomach, she knew she had to do better….

^^^ this is a true story. It's parts of me, it's parts of you. It's little pieces of my clients and I'm sure you see familiar glimpses.

You see, I hear a lot in my meetings with new members and I'll tell you now, most of them don't come running to my desk shoving pictures of Heidi Klum under my nose and BEGGING me to make them look like that.


Most come in desperate to avoid everything I wrote about above.  Desperate to feel better. Desperate to live the good life for themselves and their kids.

And so, that's what I decided my fitness company should do.

It should help.

Provide you family oriented food guides, provide you a flexible workout schedule and provide you with a community of supportive and motivational people.

It's not just about getting skinny anymore. It's about escaping the rat race and living a life you can be proud of. Raising an active family.

It's about being present. 

I make this happen for you via health and wellness.

And and a well placed kick in the ass.

Break out of your shell today and join us for a two week test drive…no more Mombie…kay?? Go here to get started:

We got this….

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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