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She could have caused a solar eclipse when she squats

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See here’s the thing about working out….it’s uncomfortable.

Like, really uncomfortable.

Even if you have been staying safe inside your big box gym, joining a new certainly program pushes some stress buttons.

“Will I keep up?”
“Will they yell at me?”
“Will it be better than what I am doing on my own?”
“Will it be expensive?”

If you are not working out, then the anxiety is even worse…

Fears range from puking, to looking gross in workout clothes, to being judged by other people….and the list goes on.

I remember it well….I was so scared of creating a solar eclipse during a squat, that I just about avoided bending over to pick anything up.

So I know how brutal it can be to start something new, but I have an awesome solution.
80 of our members have already signed up, and you should too!

It’s 3 weeks of complete nutrition and unlimited workouts.

It’s not for anyone who is going to wimp out 1 week in, no….this is for people who are in need of a program that will create massive results before Christmas.

Don’t join us if you want to half-ass it.

I want you to be motivated, I want you to be inspired.

You see, all those uncomfortable feelings I listed above have been addressed at my boot camp.

We have created what I like to call a “fitness family”.

A group of trainers and members that actually root for each other to succeed.
A nutritionist who will work with YOUR lifestyle and needs.
A community of people who aspire to be healthy, happy and strong.

This three week challenge is made for people looking to find something new. Maybe you need a change from the gym, maybe your outdoor boot camp closed in fall, maybe you are just are not seeing the results with a personal trainer?

I don’t know…but this 3 week challenge is your chance to change things up without feeling the anxiety of trying something new.

Trust me on this….we are waiting with open arms.

Join the challenge here:

You will be emailed more info and payment links so don’t forget to confirm your subscription.


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