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She hid just one dumb bell out of each pair. (Revenge)

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Look, I'm not proposing you stay on the couch and never workout again.

No sir. That would be a) stupid and b) not very good for biz

BUT… You do have to know when to take a break.

Ok let me explain:

If you are a runner, and you have a recurring knee problem… You need to take a break from running.

If you are a yogi who is becoming demotivated with Yoga… You need to take a break.

If you are a gym-goer who feels like blowing up all the cardio machines and hiding half the dumbells… Then yeh. You most definitely need to take a break.

And, if there is one thing I know: a change is as good as a break.

Maybe you need to rehabilitate those running injuries with our 30 min HIIT training program? Maybe you need to build a bit more strength so you can hit up the yoga balance poses with new poise. Maybe the Gym is just not gonna cut it any more and it's time you leveled up. Time you committed to truly life changing exercise. The type of exercise that makes tummies flat and quads toned and arms shapely.

If you are tired of your current fitness program (or tired of not having one) then you must remember that when you become bored and demotivated with something, any hope of results will fly out the window. You simply won't get an effective workout if you are lack luster.

so why not come try our group personal training sessions at 10,000 Strong? Our fitness community will lift you up. Our personal trainers will reinspire you. Your new strength and shrinking waist will push you to keep at it.

A change is just what you need.

And we are ready for you.

You can start with just 2 weeks to test the waters and see if it's really what you want. It's only $29 too 🙂 join us for 2 weeks to see if you wanna shake things up a little. Whaddya got to lose??

September is here. You can't delay any longer 😉

see you soon

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong.


1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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